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Big List Boss

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Once you learn how to generate leads at will in combination with converting them to sales using automation...

You become one of the most powerful people on the planet.

Big List Boss is not just another list building course. This training has been in the making since 1997 when My Friend Bob Beckett was just 14 years old, sending emails to AOL inboxes worldwide!  

Now 21+ years later, the methods of generating leads have changed, but emailing is just as profitable as ever!

You see, people don't need another "buy solo ads" or "create a lead magnet" course from the latest guru that just started emailing 2 months ago.  

They need to know how to really build lists like the big boys... and fast!  

They don't need to be a brain scientist or rocket surgeon to make money from sending emails... they need real methods that simply work and have been time tested to work for years and years.

Look Folks, I Know It Can Look Overwhelming At Times With Everything Coming At You Promising This And That.

Try And Stay Focused And Allow Me To Guide You Through The Maze To Good Honest, Knowledgeable People And Trainings When I'm Not Personally Doing The Training.

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