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It's funny to hear people being surprised when they hear "postcard marketing".  I actually LOVE to hear people being surprised, because that means that most  people haven't thought of it. That means NO COMPETITION.  

You see, mailing out postcards the right way, makes many people, 5-figures a month. (FYI- Postcard marketing is just ONE of  Many different Traffic Techniques that I can teach you. However, postcards have one of the HIGHEST success rates), But  It Will Be An Expensive Disaster, If You Don't Know What You Are Doing.

To Be Succedssful In A Postcard Marketing Campaign You Need A Plain Simple Postcard With An 800#, A Killer  3-4 Minute Message That Inspires Folks To Take Action To Go Put In Their Email Address To Watch Your Webinar, Which Should Be Exceptional Also by the way.

You Also Need Automated Email Follow Up, The Confidence And  Ability To Call Back The People Who Have Called Your 800 #, just 1 time, and briefly speaking to whoever answers or leave a brief message, 

That's About It

I have a few quick common questions and answers for you …   If you changed the way you perceive business opportunities, successes and obstacles – how would your life change?   If you understood the biz op arena like I do– which cause almost ALL of your thoughts, behavior and actions – how would your life improve?   If you had a burning desire backed by the awareness to make it a reality when you 'take action' – what difference would that make in your life?   Let's Get Started.

Ordering Your Postcards!

Before you order, make sure that your postcard is saved in PDF format. Save one for the front of the card…and one for the back of the card. 

You Can Download  The PostCard I  Am Currently Using Below, Just Make Sure That You Have Edited In Your Website Address Before You Order Yours.

Order your postcards at       (2,500) Approximate Cost $100.

1. When you get to the website, select "Postcard" from the drop down in the middle of the screen.  

2. Click on “Upload Your Design"  

3. From the pictures of designs, select the size 4x6 Horizontal (Standard). It is down towards the middle of the screen.

4. It will take you to the next page. Select the next drop down which is "Paper"- select “14pt Premium Uncoated Cover”.

(FYI) By Using uncoated Paper  You Can  Physically Write The First Name Of The Lead On The Card. (Example)hi dave. Just doing that Normally Increases Response Rates Significantly 

 5. Next Drop Down is "Color".  Select “Full Color Front/Full Color Back”.  

 6. From the "Quantity" dropdown, select The Number Of Postcards You Expect To Mail. Six Weeks Of Mailing 500 Per Week Would  Get You Off To An Incredible Start But If It's Only One Or Two Hundred, Be Consistent And Make sure You Get It Done Every Week.

 7. Leave everything else alone, and go to the bottom and click on "Upload"  

The next page.... 

 1. Click on “Upload Front” for the Front File. It will take you to another screen where you can click on Click on “+UPLOAD”, and find your PDF that you saved on your computer. Double click on the file that is named "Your Name Postcard Front" (Make Sure It Is The PDF One). It will show you a picture of your proof. Make sure it looks correct, then click on “Continue”.   

2. Now it will take you to the previous screen, now you can select the “Upload Back” button. Click on “+UPLOAD”, and find your PDF that you saved on your computer. Double click on the file that is named "Your Name Postcard Back" (Make Sure It Is The PDF One). It will show you a picture of your proof. Make sure it looks correct, then click on “Continue”.  

3. Now Click on “Next”. 

4. It will now take you to the screen where you can review your proofs. Once more, confirm that the proofs look correct. For example, be sure that the 800 number is correct Or (the sizzle line phone number) if you are not using your Personal 800 #. Then click on the box that says "I agree to the terms and conditions....", place your initials in the box below that, and then click on "Add to Shopping Cart" button.   

5. Next screen, click on the “Checkout” button.

Next....proceed to create an account and then to enter your credit card info and shipping address.   

That should be all. Your postcards should take about 5 business days to print and ship to you.

Getting A Toll Free Number 

I Use $15/month

The first thing that you want to do is get your postcards ordered and delivered to you.

Just  place a toll free number on postcards so people can call the number and listen to a greeting with your voice on the greeting. 

Most people like to know there is a person behind An Opportunity. Listening to your greeting has them connect with YOU before they actually watch A presentation.

I recently switched to this service. It saves me about $100 per month.

With this service, you can start with the lowest plan and then you can always upgrade.

Download the postcard pdf files on this page and convert them to a word document for editing.

Once you have your toll free number, you can place it on the word document As Well As The Domain Name You Have Chosen And Have Forwarded To Your NuMedia Business Opportunity Website.

Once you have done that… the word documents and then convert them to PDF format. This needs to be done so you can place your order with the printer. If you are not sure how to convert the file to PDF, simply email me the word documents with your toll free number on them and I will convert it for you. 

If You Get Stuck On Anything, Just E-mail Me. Remember, I Will Never Allow You To Get Stuck.

We Will Get It Done.

Need Training On Aquiring And Forwarding A Domain Name?  

How To Choose And Where To Get A Highly Responsive list.

A Mailing list that is correct for your offer, must be used, or you are throwing your money away!!

The reason that most people do not succeed in the Direct Mail Marketing   

business, is simply because they do not know how to choose a list. 

Business Opportunity Mailing List Tip:

Be sure that whoever you chose to buy your Business Opportunity Mailing Lists from be clear with your broker than you only want names of those that have purchased a business opportunity in the past (buyers). Stay clear of Income/Business Opportunity Seeker Lists...they are a waste of your time .

Figure On An Approximate Cost Of $310 For A List Of 2500 Names.

These Are My Current Approved lists That Meet Our Strict Criteria.

Email Me And I Will Send You The Name And Contact Information Of My List Broker Along With Advanced Training On How To Choose A List.



New Postcard and Marketing Scripts Coming Soon.