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NuMedia Updates


NuMedia Corporate Updates

Use Fear of failure as your Motivator! Do it Wrong, then figure it out then  do it again better!

Notices are coming out this week 8/5-8/11 about using Skrill especially to pay internationals.
Best options for domestic USA will remain paper or E-Checks.

It is going to take a few more weeks to get the 23 Filipino channels turned on,
A new server is being added in the Philippines to facilitate this.

In the past 6 months Numedia has not been down 1 minute
the network has been rock solid with redundancy on the Amazon Cloud Service.

Secure your future income with NuMedia World TV.

Goal by year end 2019 is 10,000 subscribers

1 year goal August 2020 100,000 subscribers

End of 2020 500,000 subscribers

NuMedia Compensation UpDate, 8/7/2019