NuMedia Set Up Instructions


NuMedia Review And Basic Marketing Principles

NuMedia Set Up Instructions


NuMedia Review And Basic Marketing Principles

By James Bryant, Owner, NuMedia World TV

How Can You Refer More Cusomers To NuMedia?


The Answer Is By Allowing  My 100 % Automated And Duplicatable Global

 Marketing Systems Do The Work For You.

Systems Duplicate, People Don't.

Your Business Is Marketing, Don't Ever Forget That.

(But We Must Get You Set-Up Properly First.)


Run your business in full auto-pilot mode with following benefits:


You Are About To Receive A Master Marketers Education From James Bryant And Other Master Marketers From All Over The World.

Believe It Or Not, To Use The Internet And The Power Of Mass Marketing Is Simple, When You Know What To Do And Dang Near Impossible When You Don't. 


The So Callled Gurus And The Like, Whose Only Goal Is To Sell You Something Worthless, Over And Over Again, Would Have You Believe Otherwise.   

I Have Every Reason To Show You What Works Because Your Success Equals My Success.

With My  Automated , Hands Free System, You Don't Have To Learn How To Do Anything, You Don't Even Have To Learn Basic, Core Concepts And Principals, When It Comes To Internet Marketing, Which Are:

A Domain Name. 

A Lead Page To Capture Email Addresses.

An Auto-Responder For An Automated Email Follow Up Series

Now If You Are A NuMedia Subscriber And Are Taking Advantage Of The Free Referral Business, We Have All This Set Up For You Already.

When You Became A Subscriber To NuMedia World TV, 

You Were Given A Free Referral Link. This Is My Link


You Were Also Given A Biz Op Link, This Is My Link 

In Our Done For You Marketing System,, We Will Send Folks To Your Free Trial Link for you,

And Your Biz Op Link.

If You Would Like To Make It Easier To Tell Friends And Anyone Who Happens To See Any Type Of Ad, Including  A Facebook Post, Business Card, Flyer, Craigslist Ad, Internet Marketing Ad, Postcard, etc.,

Where To Go Get Their Free Trial, Purchase A  Domain Name and Simply Forward That Domain Name Without Masking To Your Links. These Are Mine.  (Free Trial) (Lead Page For Subscribers)   Business Opportunity.

NuMedia World TV updates and more @

Chapter 1

(1-30- 2019 Update)

My name is James Bryant. I'm The Owner Of NuMedia World TV

Haven't Gotten A Free Trial Yet? 

No Credit Card Info Required,

We Can Help The Serious Grow An Income To Any Level, Including Transformational And Generational Income.

Chapter 1

Promote NuMedia Streaming Media Services. .

The NuMedia Business Opportunity Is A Once In 50 Year Opportunity and You will not believe how dog gone simple this is.

Smart affiliate marketers and Independent contract sales professionals or just plain Ordinary Folks who Promote NuMedia Can Put Systems In Place Now To Earn Retirement Type Income In  The Not So Distant Future.

The Only Thing We Are Trying To Do Is To before the massive explosion, which is Inevitable, Is To Grab A Piece Of The Multi-Billion Dollar Streaming Media Pie.

Fortunately for you, I have designed a very duplicatable system that will allow you to do just that, With The Added Benefit Of Learning How To Properly Promote Anything Else You Decide You Are Interested In.

You Will Have A PHD In Driving Online And Offline Traffic.Traffic  Why waste your time on something that is time consuming, hard and frustrating. 

Use your skills to promote an actual service that people love and are Incentivised To Grow Your Business Creating Massive Organic Growth.

NuMedia Is a Baby right now but, Not for much Longer.

As of Early 2018, there was close to 120 million streaming media compatible devices in the US growing to An Estimated, 175+ Million by Years End.

Very Soon, Every Device will be compatible with Streaming Media.

My Company is An Authorized Distributor of NuMedia Global Media, The Global Leader In Alternative TV Programming.

Folks Are Tire Of Paying 100 to 150 dollars a Month On Cable or Satellite, It's Ridiculous.

We Educate The Consumer and Offer The Best Deal On The Planet. On Top Of That, We Give The Consumer An Option To Totally Eliminate Their Cable Bill All Together.

As time goes by and more and more people are being Educated and Exposed to Streaming Media, We Will  Grow Tremendously and Fast.

It's Inevitable that Anyone who chooses to Partner with me will be positioned to make a boat load of money.

This Is How I'm Doing It.

I am building an Incredibly happy and loyal customer base that I will be paid on forever.

I earn 10 dollars every month from my happy customers and I also earn bonuses that Would blow your mind.

What's Building Retirement Income for myself and my partners very Quickly is the fact that I also earn on anyone who is referred by my customers and then anyone they refer and so on, down to Infinity.

Our Customers are Incentivised to Refer 5 of Their friends, Who are Going to want It as soon as they see It anyway, and Their Service Is Free For Life Because Those 5 Friends Earn Them Fifty Dollars A Month.

Everybody is going after their 5. I mean, honestly, It sells itself. It's perpetual never ending growth. My downline of customers can't be stopped if I wanted to stop It.

Let me describe our Streaming Media Services and why We are the

Best TV Service Option In America and how you can partner with me.

Our Service Works On All Your Devices And We Even Have An Online Web Portal You Can Log Into. It's The Last Entertainment Option You Will Ever Need Because We Have Everything.

Plus It's Personalized Entertainment That Is Always With You Wherever You May Be.

No appointments, No calls, No Cables, No wires. Just an Internet connection.

For $49.95/Month, which Includes all fees and taxes, our customers receive the following. 10,000 On Demand Movies, Soon To Have Many More, 900 Video On Demand TV Series, 

Free For Life,  NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, NHL Center Ice, MLB Extra Innings, Watch any Professional Sports Team anywhere.

Free UFC Pay Per View Fights and Other Pay Per View Events.

1,500+ Live HD Channels + hundreds of 24/7 TV Shows which Includes Hard to find channels on other services, If it's broadcasting, we probably have it.

All Premium Movie Networks, Multiple HBO 's and SHOWTIMES, Cinemaxes etc.,

All Sports Networks Including, Tennis, Golf and Soccer Channels plus all motorsports networks Including MAV TV.

All News Channels Domestic and International.

500 Latino + Spanish Speaking Channels and Other Languages as well.

No Activation Fees. No Cancellation Fees. No Credit Check. Pay as You Go with Set and Forget Auto-pay Option. 

No Long Term Committement. Superior Live Customer Service by Phone, Just in Case.

Can You now see why our customer retention rate is Extremely High?

What I'm looking for are people that are willing to become partner promoters and learn what to do to sign up hundreds of customers and not just 5 people total.

DirecTV and Dish are old and dead and will eventually have to go to streaming media but they still will not be able to compete because we pay our customers and distributors to advertise for us instead of giving the superbowl 2 million dollars for 30 seconds.

James Bryant,  Owner,

If you will not pre-judge this opportunity, I will show you how you can start small and grow a customer base of hundreds of the happiest, most loyal customers ever.

In a Very Short Amount Of Time, these customers will be earning you a lifetime of residual Income that can reach 6 figures per month in The Not So Distant Future.

(no fake hype, just a fact,) and I will prove it to you a little later. Folks Only 30 Customers can Grow To 5 figures per month.

I have a duplicatable System that Sells America's Best TV Service, Correction, The Service sells itself, all we have to do is advertise.

For The Fastest Way To Make The Most Money In The Shortest Amount Of Time, Visit:

Look, Folks are fed up with spending 100 to 150 bucks a month for TV Service. Our Service is No doubt, the best TV Service Option In America.

When someone shows this to their friends, and they find out you get Free NFL Sunday Ticket and Free UFC Pay Per View and all the live TV  Options and that it is only $49.95 a month and you can refer 5 friends and get your service Free For Life, It Truly does Sell Itself.

This is the Perfect Time to Capitalize on the technology of the future and gain As Much Of The Streaming Media Pie As Possible.

All you have to do is Drive Traffic To Your Duplicating Systems and The Income for you will be Insane in The months And Years. I Will Teach You How To Do This.

DirecTV and Dish are old and dead and will eventually have to go to streaming media but they still will not be able to compete because we pay our customers and distributors to advertise for us instead of giving the superbowl 2 million dollars for 30 seconds.

Step 1,  is to click the link below.

Go Through Everything as you come to it. Please Watch My Opportunity Webinar Because I Lay Everything Out For You Including How Yo Drive Massive Traffic.

 The Absolute Best Home Based Business Ever!

Chapter 2: My Personal Story (and how I can help you)

My Home Based Business is so good, I don't have to sell it.

If you will give this an honest look and not pre-judge it, You will absolutely be amazed at the very Real, Real Folks, the Real Money You can make, not all that fake crap you see on the Internet.

My home based business is The Absolute Best Home Based Business Ever! It sells Itself Because It's The Absolute Best Entertainment Option On The Planet And Everyone Gets A NuMedia World TV Free Trial.

They Try It, Are Amazed By It, Fall In Love With It, Can't Live Without It,  Can't Wait To Show Their Family And Friends And Just Like That, You Are Earning $10 Every Month On That Happy And Loyal Customer.

But Get This, You Can Also Get Paid On Anyone They Refer, And They Refer, etc., Down To Infinity.

The Money Is Insane ! 

I can prove that bold statement but, you must open up your mind to the possibility of finding that one person who will tell you the Absolute Truth on Exactly what you need to do, to Create an alternate Income for your family.

There are many different reasons why making money from home is a top searched term on Google.

Some folks are just always on the look out for an additional Income Stream, that's not really needed, more like an investment Income.

They have already made it but, if it was worth their time, say a minimum of 5 figures monthly and a 2 hour a day or less, commitment they would give it a look.

Other Folks, and I was once in this category myself, are just very talented sales persons who are tired of making someone else rich, while being tied to their paltry commission checks, compared to what the owners of the company are making, just to maintain the current lifestyle of their family.

These folks, if they feel anything like I did, feel trapped and a little depressed at times because they know they are capable of so much more if they could only find out exactly what to do.

The next category of folks is the biggest category of them all and I was also once a member of this category as well, so 2 out of 3 ain't bad, I suppose.

Entrepreneurs at Heart is that category but, it is broken down to include the following people, or sub categories.

It's basically anyone who has ever tried anything to make money from home by trying to some degree, to at least attempt a home business enterprise.

They may have tried to implement at least once but, probably more than once, some various Home Based Business Opportunity, or some type of Network Marketing Company or MLM company, or some product or service or have tried selling on ebay, amazon or other outlets like that.

They may have attempted to learn Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, or offline marketing or any other marketing technique hoping to make money some way from home.

What I'm getting at is this. Did you know that sadly, 99.3 % of anyone who has ever tried anything, to make money from home has failed.

There is just a huge market out there that is not designed to help the average person. It's designed to keep them guessing or just making enough to spend even more money.

I learned that technique the hard way and after I became a little more successful, it made me sick to my stomach to realize that I myself, had fallen victim to that awful marketing strategy.

I refuse to ever do anything like that to take advantage of anyone who only wants to better their family. The good thing is, with the best home based business ever, you will never be asked to do anything  unethical or dishonorable.

On top of that, you will be able to change the direction of these persons lives with no personal selling.

You have got to hand it to these entrepreneurs for trying and they are sick and tired of all the b.s.,  hype and all the lies.

They just want honest and factual information to make an intelligent decision without something being hid from them, without leaving anything out, on what they have to do to become successful.

I teach my clients how to do everything I do and they can see everything I do and immediately know, that with my help, they can do Exactly What I'm doing. It's Easy as pie.

I mean, aren't you sick and tired of having to put your email address into something only to find out it's a pile of crap.

People want to be informed with facts and the truth. I'll put that up against any so-called guru out there. Their success rate for helping you is Zilch and mine is almost 100%.

From personal experience, I know how difficult it can be to always be searching and hoping for that one thing, that you say to yourself, you will know it when and if you ever see it.

Something that you know immediately is going to change your life. Well folks, that is what the best home based business ever will do for all these people and your future clients.

I have a 39 minute training webinar that is done by my partner Anthony and we are dedicated to helping anyone who meets our qualifications. Our qualifications are.........

(1) Always be honest. There is no reason to pump up our business or hype it up or try to sell it, that is done for you. There is absolutely no reason to tell an untruth while promoting our business.

We do not participate in any of that because we don't want to and we don't have to anyway.  We have good honest people and the truth on our side.

That is all you need, plus with our marketing system you will never have to worry about getting your message into the hands of qualified prospects because everyone is a potential customer and then, with no work on your part, we explain the business opportunity for you and turn your customers into recruiting machines.

(2) Always be yourself.  Look folks, I grew up in very rural Georgia on a hog farm and times were tough.

I didn't exactly have the best opportunities or a whole lot of hope in my early life and college for me was never really an option. I was working full time while going to school and farming at 16. We are all different, that is what makes us human.

We all have different experiences and have been exposed to different things. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was and is still right today and thank goodness, most folks, will judge a person on the content of their character only and nothing else.

For a long time, I was a little embarrassed that I was raised on a hog farm. For some reason I thought that it might turn people off. I mean, what could an ex hog farmer with not much education teach anybody?

Ironically though, when it would come up in conversation, it never seemed to hurt me, if anything I think it helped me early on. 

The folks I'd talk to would realize that if someone in my circumstance could become successful, and change the direction of my life as quickly as I did, then maybe I could actually help them.

Maybe I could actually be speaking the 100 percent truth, and they would watch my training webinar and be stunned at what they learned.

If you can promise those two things to me, I will help you.That is all that is required. We don't need any fancy advertising and hype because we are in the top 0.7 percent, trying to help the 99.3 percent, armed with facts with the truth on our side.

You see, our product is Americas's Best TV Service Option.

I know exactly what to do to give you every opportunity of earning 5 figures monthly and it ain't hard.

I'll even show you how you can place proven Ads Nationally.

What if you knew you had the power to change the direction of countless lives for the better? Anyone for a matter of fact, What would you do?  How do you think that would make you feel?

The joy and the peace this home business gives you is, in my opinion, indescribable. We don't allow selling or chasing or hyping or any of that crap because any of your potential clients will not want to do any of that stuff either.

When you know the truth and you know your life is about to change, How do you think you are going to feel?

That is how your customers who will become your clients will feel also.

Helping people with the truth, with a business that works every time for anybody. What could possibly be better than that for a home based business?

Our proprietary home business, includes a complete marketing system and strategy that works all the time, everytime for anyone like clockwork.

We don't have to have fancy websites or any of that b.s. hype crap.

We don't have to make false promises.

If you are reading this, I absolutely can and will, beyond any shadow of a doubt, give you every opportunity to begin earning 5 figures monthly in a very short amount of time.

My training webinar will explain everything to you in detail but, the real reason for your success will be because I will personally be there to guide you, direct you, support and motivate you to help you get your system up, running and in profit in sometimes a few days.

I don't mean fake support. I'm talking personal emails and unlimited phone conversations with me as long as they are scheduled in advance according to my simple policies.

My time and your time is valuable. I can usually answer any question by email in an hour or two.

You can also request a scheduled phone conversation with me and I will put you on my calendar at a time convenient to us both.

You know, most people who have tried to do anything from home get to a certain point and they come upon something that they don't have an answer to and they wind up getting stuck.

It's impossible for you to get stuck, I would never allow that, and although you only need simple computer skills or the ability to follow simple instructions to learn, worse case scenario, I can access your computer remotely, and do it for you but that is almost never the case.

I have much more to teach and show you but we have come to the point where I'm finally going to reveal the truth to you about home based businesses and how to get your very own successful home business off the ground and in profit.

I will show  you how to get your message out to more qualified prospects in a day, than most could hope to obtain in months.

I'm not going to leave anything out, but first, schedule an uninterrupted 39 minutes and watch my training webinar, take notes and call me with any questions.

My phone number is (478) 308-1463

If you prefer to email me,  my email address is

This is the link to my training webinar. I look forward to speaking to you personally and being able to help you change the direction of your life very soon.

You Can Access Our Very Latest Training And Income Outline, Plus Our NuMedia Training Webinar.

How To Replace Your Current Income 

By Giving Away Numedia Free Trials At The Link Below.


The Absolute Best Home Based Business Ever!

Chapter 3: Systems Duplicate, People Don't. 

When I truly learned what that meant,  I went from struggling to make a few hundred dollars a week or month to 5 figures monthly, practically overnight, and that's the Gods' Honest Truth.

I can't tell you how much time and money I wasted trying to become successful with my home based business. 

I'm getting on up in the years now, when I started attempting to buid a home based business, the year was 1987. I was newly married and had a daughter on the way. I had grown up on a hog farm in rural georgia, and college had never really been an option I had in life.

I had a burning desire to better myself some way so I started a home based business on the side. 

My hopes and dreams would soon be busted because I just couldn't seem to make any money. My wife threatened to divorce me if I "wasted" anymore money so I backed off begrudgingly.

A few years later after 3 or 4 more failed attempts, I was at my wits end. I tried one more time but this time I started running ads in magazines and newspapers and mailing out a few postcards directing people to an 800 number they could call and leave their name, number and mailing address.

I'd then mail them an info pack or send them a fax if they had a fax machine, explaining everything to them.

But time after time, when people would call me , I'd get the same thing over and over and over again. They would tell me that my company looked good, my products looked good and that my compensation plan looked real good.

But, most of the time they just wanted to find out exactly what I did to get them to actually call me. They new if they had the exact same system, they could copy my success.

Finally my brain had an ah ha moment, the light bulb went off and I realized that what people wanted was a duplicatable system that would produce reliable results time after time.

I realized that if I could create systems that were helping me to succeed in a business, I could leverage that over to other folks to help them.

I could let them know that if they came aboard with me, I would share my knowledge with them, and help them get a system in place exactly like I was using.

What this did was answer the most important question that we all have when considering a home business opportunity, and that question of course is Can I do this?

They realized that they could do this if:

1- they didn't have to sell

2- they didn't have to explain

3- and they didn't have to overcome objections

If they didn't have to do any of that crap but new they could build their business with my system, it got them that much closer to becoming involved in my business.

So that's now what I do full time, I let my systems do the work and teach others how to use my systems with personal one on one support and guidance from me.

Can you say cha-ching. My life has never been the same. If a farm boy from Georgia, with no formal education and not much hope can change the direction of his life beyond his wildest expectations or the expectations of others, what could you do?

Honestly, the sky really is the limit. First goal, 10k monthly on a consistent basis, then implement another marketing option and get it going and producing. I have many marketing options that I teach.

Plus I will over time, show you how to copy everything I do. There are so many ways that I can teach you to drive Targeted Traffic, It's Literally Impossible not to make money. 

It's all in the numbers, Some Will, Some Won't, So What. 

illions of potential Eyeballs. It will run every month for an entire year. 

The Price will stun you, approximately $100, Do you think that $100 investment will pay for itself? What if it only produces 1 sale a month, that is hundreds and even thousands of dollars over time off of 1 ad, placed 1 time.,  Team Traffic Site

Folks you must change your mentality and expand your mind. You can grow to any level you can imagine but you must believe it first. In time, 7 figures is not out of the question.

So, You now know that the only way to earn a consistent 5 figures monthly, especially for beginners, is to have a duplicatable system in place that will drive the appropriate targeted leads to an honest and Ethical, In Demand Income Opportunity. 

I am honest and ethical and I care about you. Nothing in life gives me more satisfaction and pleasure than changing the direction of my clients lives.

I have a some quick videos that my partners and I have put together that explains how I can help you. You can watch it at the below address if you haven't already.

This is James Bryant,