How Can I Refer More Folks To NuMedia?


Basic Marketing Principles

 By James Bryant, Owner, NuMedia World TV

The Answer Is By Allowing  My 100 % Automated And Duplicatable Global Marketing System 

 Do The Work For You.

Systems Duplicate, People Don't.


Run your business in full auto-pilot mode with following benefits:


Believe It Or Not, To Use The Internet And The Power Of Mass Marketing Is Simple, When You Know What To Do And Dang Near Impossible When You Don't. 


The So Callled Gurus And The Like, Whose Only Goal Is To Sell You Something Worthless, Over And Over Again, Would Have You Believe Otherwise.   

I Have Every Reason To Show You What Works Because Your Success Equals My Success.

With My  Automated , Hands Free System, You Don't Have To Learn How To Do Anything, You Don't Even Have To Learn Basic, Core Concepts And Principals, When It Comes To Internet Marketing, Which Are:

A Domain Name. 

A Lead Page To Capture Email Addresses.

An Auto-Responder For An Automated Email Follow Up Series

Now If You Are A NuMedia Subscriber And Are Taking Advantage Of The Free Referral Business, We Have All This Set Up For You Already.

When You Became A Subscriber To NuMedia World TV, 

You Were Given A Free Referral Link. This Is My Link


You Were Also Given A Biz Op Link, This Is My Link 

In Our Done For You Marketing System,, We Will Send Folks To Your Free Trial Link for you,

And Your Biz Op Link.

IfIYou Would Like To Make It Easier To Tell Friends And Anyone Who Happens To See Any Type Of Ad, Including A Facebook Post, Business Card, Flyer, Craigslist Ad, Internet Marketing Ad, Postcard, etc.,

Where To Go Get Their Free Trial, Purchase A  Domain Name and Simply Forward That Domain Name Without Masking To Your Links. These Are Mine.  (Free Trial) (Lead Page For Subscribers)   Business Opportunity.